Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm back. Already. My records indicate that I'm either struggling with writer's block or overflowing with inspiration, unable to put any thoughts into any tangible order. Tonight, I overfloweth.

Nutshell = this is too good to not blog about RIGHT NOW. I've been thinking about it all day, smiling and singing and gushing. I don't usually gush. It's usually reserved for teacup pigs and dollar stores, and neither one is here. Probably a good thing, 'cause the combo would no doubt be really smelly.

But today? Today, I have a new gush-worthy fun-thing.

Today, an act of fiction is brought to life. Today, an act of art is alive. Today, my two, male musical idols fall in love.

"Henry & Glenn Forever."

I was gonna include this in my next post, which will be paragraphs upon paragraphs of how amazing is. I never thought I'd be so behind the times, but the site is...beautiful. I never realized it's been morphed into a wonderful mix of ebay, craigslist and everystoreever. I figured, since it really was just a giant megastore of bullshit, they sold everything from books to clothes to toys. That was it. Now I find out that you have an option in searching for what you want, then selecting which price you'd rather pay, from sellers all over the US. When did this happen? How did I not know about this? I LOVE THIS.

I found movies I couldn't track down in years, music that was seemingly rare and untraceable on record, toys that were cheaper than I could ever find...and I so totally had myself a little shopping spree. It was gluttonous and absolutely undeserved, but I walked away with enough horrible movies and Guitar Wolf junk to shame even me, and I'm the guy who's got a full corner of my house dedicated to nothing but "things I haven't opened yet." Nevermind that. Mind this:

I got this book!

There's not a whole lot to be said about a flimsy book of punk rock romance, so don't mind me blowing through this. It found it's way on my Amazon wishlist and some dude was selling it for a few bucks. Shit got real, real fast, right there.

It's about a fictitious love affair between Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig, illustrated by what I assume is multiple artists, each adding a slice to the liaison pie. The damn thing can be read in under five minutes and most of the drawings are crude and confusing, but there's definite humor in a lot of gags. Lots of lyrical jokes, puns and fake diary postings. I'm not sure how I feel about Fake Glenn writing about how mad he is at Fake Henry, how Fake Henry is advising Fake Glenn to be himself, etc. It's all so sexual yet heartfelt. Like I said, I'm not sure how to feel, but it doesn't feel bad. Weird, kinda. But fun. Mostly weird.

I've already lost interest. I'm throwing it away now. I hate you, book.

Look how cute he is!

Pretty great find, even if the greatest part is simply the cover. I can live with never opening this up again in favor of framing it for my living room wall. What a conversation piece. That and the 983 toys scattered about.

Love on, my brothers.


  1. I've only ever read one or two of these online, but it's pretty damned funny. I mean, how weird and random is a cartoon strip about Danzing and Rollins being gay lovers? Who the hell even thought of that? Of course, that is what makes it funny, because it's just so damned preposterous.

  2. Oh man! I want one! That's too funny! I'm surprised they haven't gotten sued! Oh Glenn, you are too cute!

  3. Great show last night! Your new shirts are awsome! Thanks your loyal fans! Adriana & Tony!