Thursday, April 14, 2011


What a slow, boring month for blogging. So far, April has only brought in one entry. And it's this one I'm writing right now! I suck ass. But I will tread forth, and will write stupid things.

Just last Saturday, we played our first ever acoustic show. We've never done this before, and it was never our intent to do something like this at all. Ya see, not only did we rock an acoustic set last Saturday, but we did a genuine, high-class comic book signing. I'm aware that I've gone well over the appropriate amount of italics, but it's neccesary in detailing the fact that we created a comic book and held an event in it's honor.

With us, we had Eric M. Esquivel, the writing mastermind behind the main plot, general character development and rock and roll flow, signing and shmoozing the night away. Somewhere during the signing, though, through questions and conversation, we made mention that Dave Baker (of Modern Mythology) drew this beautiful piece of magic, DW Frydendall colored it and Andrew Barr did the layout and a solid few art pieces.

I quickly and suddenly realized that we, essentitally, didn't do a damn thing. Comic books rule!

We originally were gonna plug it in and crank it to eleven, but since this Atomic Comics was a part of a public mall, the sound barrier was compromised and it was either between fighting endlessly to let us blow down the doors or bust out the acoustic stuff and gently lull the audience into a somber, meditative state. Okay, it wasn't that bad. In fact, the night was amazing.

We met a lot of new people, hung out with a lot of old friends and generally had a fun time. A cool moment was when we were offered anything from Starbucks. A free cup of coffee is always welcome, and just knowing someone went out on a "coffee run" for us, "the talent," is amazing. But then again, anything involving coffee is amazing. And calling me "the talent."

I know I'm ramlbing, but I really can't stop. Just replaying it is making me all giddy and silly! I mean, we played in our favorite comic book shops. It's like rocking a gig in a supermarket when you're starving to death. I wanted everything in that store, and I kinda came close. I walked away with enough JLA and Grant Morrisson crap to officially turn my apartment into a fire hazard.

We played, we rocked and and casually melted some faces. It's hard to go nuts with the soft, delicate sounds of an acooustic guitar, but at least Davey took it upon himself to go apeshit, as witnessed in the photos. I've never seen breakdancing, disco dancing and profuse sweating as I did that night.

Taken by our pal, Andy Hartmark (who's been photographing our ugly mugs for a few years now) you'll now be apart of what may be the best, the last or just the beginning of a flourishing, Calabrese-acoustic career. I would totally not mind going all Tenacious D on your asses.



  1. I must say this again: I LOOVE THIS! :P

  2. As I said on FB, you guys have got to release this stuff! The three videos I saw kicked all kinds of ass, both musically and comedically. I'd buy the downloads, CD or DVD in a heartbeat.

    Also, you're a real pal for making me want Starbucks when there's not one near here. Thanks a lot.

  3. Too freakin' cool! I mean, Calabrese playing in a comic shop is pretty frakin' awesome, but to hear an acoustic set? Blows the mind!

  4. I hate you Bobby. Some days I love you. Today is not one of those days. You walk out with a ton of Grant Morrison and JLA?!? Damn you and your attention span, what happened to our X-Men connection? Bah.

    At least I know now that you were addicted to Animal Crossing too. Someday I'll show you my collection of scale Animal Crossing toys to recreate my AC house and populate it with little plastic gyroids.

  5. Dude, still into X-Men! Right now I'm getting up to the Matt Fraction stuff. I like Matt Fraction. Also, the Morrison run on X-Men was fantastic! Really dug that one.

  6. Ed Brubaker's Deadly Genesis and Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire too, they rock. Feels like old school X-Men in space shit. Not brown leather jacket cool, but close.