Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dayglo Necros Fan Art.

With the release of our newest music video for "Coffin of Ruins," it simultaneously reveals the outcome of our brave, daring heroes (us, Calabrese) and that weird, lime-green vampire (that weird, lime-green vampire, Dayglo Necros) while laying to rest the era of DAYGLO NECROS.  Ya know, that album we put out last year.

It's both sad and freeing, I suppose, 'cause it lets us move on to new heights of musical magic, without the lag of past endeavors...but saying 'goodbye' is hard.  I think Dayglo Necros is one of our finest albums, so it's gonna be a lot of fun to show you what else we have up our sleeves with the new stuff.  What new stuff?  The new album in October, of course.  You ask for new tunes, you demand for new jams, you angrily shake your we come bearing rock and roll gifts.  The Legend of Dayglo is behind us, blown apart in an explosion of stock footage insanity.  So let's move forward, mah friends, into newer, grander territories.  Like space.  Or something with motorcycles WHILE in space.  Hell, maybe a creepy lizard-man can attack and terrorize us, as long as he's decently green enough.

But, still...I'm gonna miss that guy.  That super green vampire guy.

Which brings us here today.

I love Dayglo Necros.  I love the character, the idea, the image, etc.  It's a fun little  mascot we've been fooling around with for a year and half, and although it's cool just to have us fight a super villian, I think it's even better that the super villian is just so outstandingly green.  I can't get over how green he is.  I really just like the green.  I like drawing that green beast even more!

So rest in peace, dearest Dayglo.  We've had a good run and I'll always cherish the memories, through old YouTube videos and cruddy, online art.  So...mind if I contribute?


Now it's your turn!  Post any of your fun (and very green) Dayglo fan-art on our Facebook page, do what ya gotta do and have some fun.  Have that swampy bitch battling Calabrese, biting Calabrese, serenading Calabrese under the moonlight...whatever!  Because any Dayglo Necros is good Dayglo Necros!

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