Thursday, November 5, 2009

"They Call Us Death."

I gotta blog about this. I really do.

This is our new album cover for our new album, "They Call Us Death."

Since we can't just straight up sell our goods without an exclusive, one-time-only pre-order giveaway, we're offering you a...well, a one-time-only pre-order giveaway! C'mon, you saw that one coming. Ha!

These are our "3 Portraits of Evil!" As ya can tell, they'll feature each member of the band on postcard sized cardstock, and will be the ONE AND ONLY time they'll be available to the general public. The private public, well, that's a whole different story.
Check 'em out on our site at!

Jimmy Calabrese as Crash, from the "Really Dead!" films!

Davey Calabrese as Davey Calabrese, the teenaged werewolf who, by the power of moonlight, transforms into a reverse!

And I, Bobby Calabrese, as a "Killer Klown meets The Joker," based off the film critics call, "Nonexistant," and "Made up for this blog!" I introduce to you..."Bobby Vamps From Bobby Space!"

Check out the dude who did the art, he's awesome!


  1. Fucking A! Eric Powell AND RM "Skeleface" Hanson artwork?? Geez-o-petes, that friggin' rocks! This disc will be worth the cost for the kick ass art alone (though I'm sure it will be chocked-full of brain-melting horror rock awesomeness as well). Thanks for sharing!

  2. 'Bobby Vamps From Bobby Space!' I want to see this movie.

    Artwork is fucking awesome. I really want them.

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  4. Glad you all dig it. It's gonna be nasty-good!

  5. I see more tattoos in my future...haha!