Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey Look, I Can Read! "Running Man" by Stephen King.

Right now I'm reading, "The Running Man," by your friend and mine, Stephen King. I can't truly justify this being the complete "rock and roll mania" type material I usually look for in blogging (drinking and puking usually make for excellent bloggage, I know) but as I once did before, I figured I'd go the intellectual route. Throw in a couple of book reviews, current political events, really just drive the point home that I'm more than a drunk. Oh hell, I'll probably end up scrapping the whole idea and claim that I was just in Jersey doing body shots with Ke$ha. Now that's juicy!

Last time I blogged about my currenty literary liasons, I mentioned a few books. To be honest, I didn't quite finish them all, so I feel like I'm cheating a bit. I realize now, that I did some weird, reverse review, where I didn't even read the book, and never ended up reading it in the end anyways. It's like the ultimate blog-black-hole. And I'm pretty sure, that, because of it, I somehow created time travel. You can quote me on that.

So, this time around...I actually read the book. I even went through a small phase where I wanted to at least write this up halfway through the novel, and just fake the rest. All of my "reviews" are of me either gushing over toys or letting everyone know how much that new Alkaline Trio record "made my penis soft." So I guess, in the end, we'll all be okay. And no, I never reviewed that album. I'm pretty sure it's a total bonerkill, though. THERE I SAID IT!

One of the main reasons I wanted to read this book was because I love "fugitive" stories. Anyone who's gotta escape, manuever and trick their way into avoiding capture. I'm all about the back-against-the-wall scenarios, the no escape/holy shit there's no way outta this scenario. It's awesome!

Another reason I wanted to check this out was because I love the movie. Yeah, that one. With Arnold and Richard Dawson and the spandex outfits and all that crud. It's more a fond, loving memory I have of watching the film when growing up, 'cause it certainly ain't going down in history for it's Oscar-worthy performances. It's right underneath all the Indy movies and "Cloak and Dagger." But just short of "Star Wars" and anything with a midget in it. These are the movies that shape our lives.

But really, at that point, I still wasn't not sold. Why would I wanna read something that spawned Arnie's futuristic, cinematic blowout? I love the movie, I love the idea...why not leave it at that? Well, turns out the book is absolutely, insanely different than the movie. And legitimately good, too. It's one of those books that you're told is not only different from the movie, but essentially the complete opposite of the movie. The only similiarities are that it's based somewhere on planet Earth, and there's a guy. Doing things. It's like reading "Salem's Lot," then making a movie about a dog that can read the newspaper, ultimately becoming a journalist and cracking the case on a big, political scandal. I dub thee, "Newsie Schnauzer."

Now I gotta read "Salem's Lot."

But yeah! There's explosions, death, anger, pain, evil and an assload of action. This is good. Very good. Also, I'm well aware of how awful a review this has become. I never really let anyone know what anything is about (did I not mention the premise or plot? Whoops!) and just let everyone know how great it is. So for my next book review, I won't even mention the title, author or that it's even a book. Man, I love to blog!


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  1. I'm going to pretend I read it and pretend that it's exactly like the movie. I like my childhood memories of Arnie spouting off one lines such as "He had to split!" and the classic line "Here is Subzero, now, plain zero." (The latter one still making no sense to me.)