Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tale of Two Jawas.

Take a look at the above photo. What you see is my youth, in two, single Star Wars toys.

Recently, I've been hell-bent on collection as many vintage Star Wars toys as possible. To ease the quest's severity, I've decided to skip the vehicles, playsets and generally anything over the size of my index finger. Obviously, there's gonna be exceptions (see: rancors and wompas) But hey, I've got my limits. Gotta have limits.

One of the reasons I'm so into Star Wars is because of the huge impact it had on me growing up. The movies fused a subtle amount of horror, adventure and a weird, underlining creepiness that you can truly blame on life-like puppets and realistic masks. Something about it all, combined with a universe so vast and in-depth, really struck a nerve in Young Me. Don't even get me started on E.T.

Anyway, growing up, I essentially stole all of the coolest shit from my older brother, Jimmy. I begged for the current toys and I pilfered from a sibling's room. I had the best of two worlds, and nothing was gonna stop me from gaining access to the Treasures of the Universe. Which was any action figure made to have devil horns, a demon face or a skeleton head, really. Lots of the that stuff was flying around in the 80's.

So Star Wars. Had a lot of them toys, still do. It's like my comfort food, except you can replace deliciousness with hard plastic. Yes, I just admited to chewing on Uncle Owen's head to calm myself thank you very much. But that aside, I'll wholly admit to never truly understanding what the hell happened in any of the movies. I do know, jus' sayin', but yeah. As far as I was concerned, all three films were about snake-monsters and robo-men shooting (and missing) laser guns while flying huge, galaxy shattering space craft. It all went into my head, jumbled up to varying degrees, and made it's way into my young mind's conscious, allowing me to run the story to my understading. Things that were absolutely untrue were, well...truth.

Take that photo for example. I saw the movies countless times, I kinda new what was going on, right? Wrong. I really have no idea why I wanna blog about this, but hey, it's all I got. Plus, I, for some reason, just thought of this and was pretty amused at my Past Me:

You can blame the similiar outfits, but I really thought Obi-Wan was a taller Jawa. I thought he made it out of Jawa World a larger, more normal looking dude, while the rest of the pack was left behind in the dust and under three feet. I really thought they were connected somehow, as if the Jawas and Obi-Wan were best buds in the desert landscape of Tatooine. I really hoped they had a good relationship, kept in touch with eachother and worked out a pick-pocketing racket, with those nimble, delicate Jawa hands. I really do.

Man, I love Star Wars.

'Til next time!


  1. I used to have every Star Wars toy going under the sun when I was a kid. My favourite was the Millennium Falcon. Then my mum gave them all to my younger cousins and their mums eventually gave them to car boot sales and shit. A car boot sale essentially being like a yard sale I guess. Which sucks. The only Star Wars related thing I have now is a shirt with Darth Vader on it in a mug shot, which is cool. Some dude complimented me on it today in Starbucks, which was a little bit weird.

  2. Hey. Nothing wrong with a little Star Wars. As a girl, Han Solo is still my dream man. haha.

  3. There was so much I didn't get about SW as a little kid. I think the one thing that struck me the most, and still does, is that Princess Leia sees her entire planet blown up, and she basically cringes and doesn't mention it again. I thought it couldn't have really been her home, or she'd've been like an avenging Mad Max character after that (well, I didn't think "Mad Max" when I was six, but you know). SHE should have blown up the Death Star! Revenge! It still bothers me, lol. I love Star Wars, though.

  4. Olivia -- me too! I I've said too much.

  5. Holly, you're right. She's pretty cool and collected for watching her entire home-planet be blown to pieces. But so would I. Yeah. I would be. 'Cause I'm a BAD ASS MOFO.

  6. You will get to the me Bobby haha once you got all the figures and you see a few cool ones....... slowly they start popping up in your room and you go shit! i broke my rule haha. I mean for instance you have the gunturret with a probot..... you know you want the probot, need the probot then you buy said gun turret with probot and then you already lost haha. This is experience talking in pretty much got all the figures most vehicles, two at-ats (and i want more, why? because as a kid i never got one and i am overcompensating) haha Rancors and Wampas, you can never have enough.... Also about playsets they have an ewok village if you have all the ewoks..... then your mind will logically go , if i got all the ewoks i will need their village to display them. Just saying... ive been there hell i AM there, ok ill go now. Cheers from a fellow junky, ill see you at the toys anonymous as me and my mates say, hi my name is Silvester and i collect toys. "Group says "hello Silvester" tell us about your addiction" hahaha