Saturday, March 20, 2010

Davey Calabrese Strikes Again!

Check it out! New video from Davey's own sick, twisted mind-balls!

I will admit my participation, though - my very own voice was recruited to help aid Davey's stop-animation madness. The D-Man did everything himself, from the lighting of the stage to the actual building and constructing of the stage, which, if you notice, is a small-scale version of one of our band room's walls, mainly noticable in Davey's previous video. My hat is off to you, brother.

Confusingly, I was told, "you gotta help me finish this c'mon let's go just say funny stuff," so I ended up playing the role of Skeletor (I refused to use my original, 80's Skeletor, so it was determined to use the more muscle bound, still-kinda-cool modern version) We ended up doing it in a few, quick takes, and apparently, unscripted and random will equate to hilarity. As soon as we decided to actually rehearse and think out our lines, it went straight to shit.

I've also realized I sound like a real, manly woman.

When all is said and done, it looks great! For under a week's time, nervously trying to beat out the clock, I'd say we have a winner. Reminds me of all the good times Davey and I had making stop motion films outta Legos, giant sized Gumby dolls and an "Indiana Jones" soundtrack. So maybe you'll see more of these videos in the future, maybe you'll see less. Oh hell, forget it. I'm already not into it anymore. Ha!

ALSO! New banners! Spread the word!