Monday, July 16, 2012


 "Ghostwolves," track four off of our new album, is a perfectly good song that, if I had my way, would never have made it on the album.

Of course, as it always is, it just so happens that it turns out to be EVERYONE'S FAVORITE SONG EVER.  This is a prime example of me over thinking while songwriting, as well as me learning to just chill the fuck out.

When writing, I tend to analyze and pick apart every little thing, the smallest and minute details during the songwriting process, which either helps carve songs into musical gold, or just makes shit take forever to get done.  It's a classic double edged sword scenario, it's good and it's bad, it's whatever.

Point is, I thought the song sucked.  Not a hard suck, but a milder and gentler suck.  It was an undefined suck, a suck I couldn't exactly pin down -- it just didn't feel right when we played it live.  We practiced it and it just didn't gel, ya know?  However, to make a long and aimless story short, once we recorded it...everything sounded great.

I can't remember or understand what I was getting at, though.  Perhaps I'm gonna write more, over think less?  Maybe learn to go with the flow?  And was there something about a sword?

Also, what exactly are "ghostwolves?"  Can there be a singular "ghostwolf?"  What would they even look like?  I either don't know or I'm purposely being vague and secretive.  But here's my current artistic interpretation, via notebook that I doodle/write in:

Is that what they really look like? Yes and no. I can't imagine you'd think we'd compose an entire song about an angry ghost in-between two things that clearly aren't wolves, but below, a puffy cloud with evil eyes makes an appearance.  I think this is the ghostwolf, and you think it, too.  It has to be.  It's was an intense and mindless scribble that ended up making sense.  I really should have crossed out his eyes, though.  Or had the ghost riding on top of Mr. Ghostwolf, perhaps in a saddle, perhaps not.  Perhaps I had this all planned out from the very beginning, and if you were to listen to the lyrics of the song, this post and that art would be understood completely.  It really is about saddles and clouds and fluffy looking animals.

Or perhaps not.


  1. It's a good song. Was the entire album a collaborative effort or did one of you come up with most of the material like your previous one?

  2. Heh...Ghostwolf.

    It is a solid song though...super catchy and memorable, regardless of what your picky self may think. Much like everything else the three of you have done. Like, ever.

    And "Heart Possession" is actually my favorite from the new album, if it helps.

  3. Ahh, I love the art! Totally cool. And yeah, not baggin' on the song, in fact, I think it's one of our best jams yet! It's just so shocking how, pre-studio, I thought it was "meh."