Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shower Curtains.



They always say it's "the little things in life," and I stand firm behind this sentiment.

Currently, my shower curtain is unbelievably disgusting.  You know how it gets that white, soap-scum looking film?  And it ceases to deflect water in favor of being slippery and gross and kinda more yellow than white?  YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.

There's nothing better than a brand new shower curtain liner.  They're cheap, they brighten up your life and they smell like a plastic action figure the size of a doghouse.  I usually stock up on two or three, but two or three are never enough.  I like to feel secure in clean shower curtains.

I wouldn't say I'm a neat freak.  Or a clean freak.  Or a freak in general, for that matter.  But there are certain things in normal household living that just grate on me.  The feel of crumbs under your bare feet on te kitchen floor, a sink loaded with dirty dishes, weird smudges on windows, couch cushions that aren't properly aligned, fucking dust everywhere, etc.

Well, hell.  I guess I am a clean freak.

Looks magnificent.  The other one is in the trash, the new one has turned my bathroom into a paradise.  The little things, man.  I swear.

But it doesn't feel right.  This doesn't feel right for my blog.

Oh, better.  Much better.

Oh, and DragonCon?  I'll get around to it.  Every time I think I wanna delve deep into the landscapes of a skewed memory, I get caught up in something else.  Mainly anime.  Did I mention I'm obsessed with anime now?

Don't worry, I'm not one of those guys.  The "anime crowd," if you will.  Nerdy, frumpy and the skin color of Cheetos.  I'm well aware of the giant library of celluloid I'd have to blow through to become an expert in the genre, so I've picked a few key staple to get me going.  Which is anything from the 80's, so long as that 80's stuff is about giant robotic violence.

God, it's such a beautiful thing.  I'm not sure how I got into it (again) but here I am.  DragonCon's endless vendors hocking the junk sure didn't help my cause, either.  And I only say "again" because this is my second bout into the genre.

When I was younger, I had a friend who was really into the stuff.  He knew all the shops to visit, all the videos to watch, all the Japanese soda to drink.  I had no idea what to expect, but since he was my only friend in middle school...I was right there with him.  And, boy howdy, what a trip.

The art is astounding, insane and neurotic.  I never saw anything like it!  So foreign, unique and loaded with animated boobs!  Battles hypnotize, the constant action is nearly mind-numbing.  I felt really...weird when I watched it.  But a good kind of weird.  I still get that weird feeling.  And ff I could somehow manage to write a record that made the listener feel what I feel while watching "Akira," I'd be set for life.  My music = possibly seizure inducing.  What's so wrong with that?

But yeah.  Stick with me.  DragonCon recap comin' up next!


  1. Growing up, I *hated* opaque shower curtains with a passion, but it's all my mom ever bought. She apparently didn't realize how essential it is to be able to watch for monsters and ghouls that might lurk on the other side of the curtain. When my wife and I built our house a few years ago, I made damn sure that our shower in the master bath had a glass door and half-wall. The upstairs tub has a pretty linen shower curtain, since the only people who use it are guests. Guess who has - and will - never take(n) a shower in there? This guy.

  2. Well, while my skin may not be the color of Cheetos, I can give you a few good recommendations and/or early Xmas presents in regards to your new time killer. Just let me know, and my nerdliness shall be yours as well.

    Like the guy before me, I also insisted on clear shower curtains when I still lived with my parents. Mainly because their house is a bit haunted and I never liked "the eyes" on me whenever I'd be in there.

  3. Ha! No offense, Madam Cheezy.:)

    But yes! Any suggestions would be great. I really am kind of into the super violent, action-y stuff. Mainly because you can literally watch it drunk/half asleep and still get a kick out of it!

  4. Hey Bobby, here's a list to keep you busy for a while! I am sure you have already seen some of these...

    Violence Jack, Fist of the North Star, Goku: Midnight Eye, Ninja Scroll, Wicked City, Kite, Berserk, Angel Cop, Golgo 13, MD Geist, Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, Devil Man, Votoms, Demon City Shinjuku, Patlabor


  5. None taken. Really. ^_^

    I didnt want to junk up your comment box, so I did this instead.

    Have fun!

  6. Thanks, guys! Lots of great stuff. I've already loaded up my Amazon Wish List with so much junk. I think I need to knock over a bank to pull this off.

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