Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Last time I brought up food I was living high on a diet of chicken salad sandwiches.  They remain delicious, but like with anything, the  new must replace the old.  Since then, I dabbled in pasta.  Plain pasta, pasta covered in a green-ish sauce, pasta paired with sausage or peppers or both.  It became my "thing."  Easy to make, simple to store, a definite choice to fill you up. 

But it's been three weeks now.  I'm a little burnt out on it.  What once brought me joy has now brought me contempt and heartburn.  So I've moved on.  Enter, The Chronicles of Baconia:

Bacon, lettuce and tomato, folks.  I like to add on some avocado, too, for the extra kick to the face. 

Now, to be blunt, I hate the "bacon" fad going on these days.  It's like the zombie craze, but for weird, ironic hipsters.  Sure, it was cute when your buddy got a bar of soap that smelled like burnt pig, or the YouTube video of a guy eating his weight in it, but we're good now.  We're done.  It's great, it's fine, we get it.

Because really...why bacon?  Admittedly, it's good.  Damn good.  But why not something better?  If I had my choice in food obsession, I'd most likely pick ice cream.  Say, with those mint chocolate chunks thrown in.  Or even a big bucket of Spumoni.  Have you ever tried Spumoni?  Now that's the kind of food that needs it's own line of shower curtains.

Yeah, I say all that about bacon right after I post a picture of a paper-towel-sack crammed full of the stuff.  Unfortunately, it really is the most delicious meat product ever.  What can you do?

So that's all I've been eating these days.  I'm like a horse.  Just fill up my trough with the same shit, day in, day out, and I'll eat it.  You'll get no complainst from me.  Especially if that trough is full of BLTs.

Oh, to dream. 


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  1. Oou, BLTs. Here's my favorite version, from "Eat This, Not That":

    Quality white bread
    Bacon, baked with a bit of black pepper
    Roma tomato
    Arugula greens
    A touch of salt
    And one egg, fried sunny-side up in a little bit of olive oil

    The idea is to get a little bit of a pepper kick from the meat and greens, and then the egg yolk makes a 'dressing' for the sandwich instead of mayo. If all you have is iceberg though, that works just as well.

    This recipe has completely spoiled me. Heh.

    Also, if you get a chance, try to see if you can find Hershey's apple pie ice cream. It's not easy to find sometimes, but trust me, its worth the effort. Crazy good.