Saturday, December 8, 2012

Calabrese Cartoon.

Ever since we started the band, we dreamed of being immortalized in animated form.  Consumed in comic books, action figures and a hell of a lot of Saturday morning cartoons, it's become a natural and obvious goal to pursue.  I figure most bands try to be the next Led Zeppelin.  We're trying to be the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So we've been pushing the cause for about ten years now, give or take those three formative years in the beginning where Davey was learning how to play drums and I was learning how to not sing like Cher.  But once we conquered them hurdles, it was on to the Dream Stage.  And, boy, we dream big.

Unfortunately, money plays a huge factor in it.  Hell, in everything you wanna do.  If we really cared, I mean, if we really, really wanted an animated music video done...we could totally get it done.  It would just cost, like, ten thousand dollars.

Yeah no.

First and foremost, being animated would be awesome.  You can't argue that.  Secondly, aside from the occasional suggestion and casual; nitpickery, we literally don't have to do anything.  In an animated video, there is no set pieces to construct, no assembling the appropriate wardrobe, no worrying about getting a huge zit on your forehead the night before.  Everything we could ever dream of is now possible.  We want to ride hover boards.  We want to battle a massive beast that has nine arms and spits blood.  We want to surf down a wave of human bones and carcasses.  IT'S POSSIBL AND IT SHALL BE DONE.

Well, we came close.

Found a dude willing to do it.  He was our knight in shining armor.  Sadly, the black knight must have killed him in a Medieval Times jousting match and was promptly dragged off into the backstage area, never to be seen again. 

It was a weird situation, really.  See: it all just fell a part.  Sucks, yeah, but now we know the game for next time.  We know what to expect.  Or something.

But hey, at least we have a bunch of cool sketches and character designs to show off.

We went through a lot of phases with this thing.  It was going to be a "Dusk 'Til Dawn" kinda deal, which slowly went into a more Universal Monsters-esque idea, then morphed into a bad-ass "Evil Dead 2" rip-off.  Man, an "Evil Dead 2" rip-off would have been SICK. 

Anyway, here are those sketches and such.  One day we'll exact our revenge on the video world.  One day. people!  ONE DAY!



  1. Wow, that's some cool stuff! I really like the second to last color versions of you guys. And once you get animated, you'd have to have a Scooby-Doo crossover episode...

  2. Holy Shiz, that's cool! Really dig some of these designs! What song would this have been for?

  3. "Violet Hellfire." We're thinking the NEXT album will have an animated video. Gives us a year and a half to fully plan out that way. Ha!