Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holy Crap, Halloween

When we toured through October, it almost felt that we not only experienced Halloween, but we're weeks past it and it's already Thanksgiving.  I have no idea why that is.  Did I watch enough horror movies?  Will "Troll" and the multiple "Ghoulies" films suffice?  It feels like Halloween already happened and I missed it.

But wait!  I didn't miss it!  There's still time to redeem myself.  If all else fails, if you've done nothing but let the holiday roll on by and you had one last chance to accomplish one lousy thing for Halloween despite being a total ditch effort and in vain...well, that one last thing better be carving a damn pumpkin.

I went with a classic look.  It affords a little leg room for failure and always gets the point across.  I figure a little bit of vampire-teeth would win me some points for moderate creativity.  I also decided to get the smallest pumpkin available.  The idea of touching and scooping and scraping pumpkin guts MAKES ME SICK, so any way to minimize the process is alright by me.  Plus, these mini-pumpkins are so fucking adorable.

I've got my bucket of candy ready, horror films ready to roll, etc.  Kids rarely come to my place, but it's still fun to turn your front walkway into a haunted mess.  I've got the skeletons danglin' from above, giant skulls guarding the doorbell, zombie hands popping up from the ground.  I'm pretty sure not a single soul will be trick or treating my way, but you always gotta be prepared.  I've got the GOOD stuff, too.  Twix, Kit Kats, peanut M&Ms!  It's all here for the taking!

Well, until then.

Happy Halloween!


  1. That's a damn shame you don't get any Trick or Treaters, I mean if anybody should, right?

  2. That pumpkin makes my teeth hurt from all the sugar-coated cuteness. F'reals. I hope he held up well enough.

    If it helps, I had the same thing. October didn't feel October-y enough, regardless of how many spooky plastic bats, clunky orange lights and reruns of Fright Night I had kicking around the apartment. At least you had the excuse of being on tour. (And what an awesome one it was, too!)

    And, I'm sure if we had an address go to, you would of had more trick-or-treaters than you could handle. ;D