Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

We're done.  We're officially done with shows for a while.  This is both awesome and disheartening because I could really use a day where I don't leave the couch, but now that means my days will be spent not leaving the couch.  If there's one thing positive and truthful about me, it's that when I say I'm gonna watch TV...I really fucking watch TV.


But now it gives me an opportunity to spend more time online and with this blog.  I really like this blog.  It documents what really doesn't need to be documented and keeps my brain from slipping into a coma.  It's good to be writing the words.  Me think it stimulates brain.  Good brain fun words.

So.  The tour.  It was great.  We played all over, man.  It was the longest string of shows we've ever done before, barely any days off and absolutely zero sleep.  I mean, there WAS sleep, but it was mostly muddled and while intoxicated.

Every city we played was awesome.  Aside from three flat tires and the occasional piece of equipment shitting out, there wasn't too many bumps in the road.  We met new and old friends and fans all over the good ol' US of A, I ate like a pig and had a blast drinking Yuengling.  It was more fun to pronounce and to awkwardly repeat it at any time possible (Yuengliiiing!) but you get the picture.  The picture is beautiful and I painted it with blood, sweat and the sad remains of that really weird Mexican food we had in Arkansas.

Band Pro Tip: Never eat Mexican food in Arkansas.

Part of me wants to tell a story and recount a silly event, but I'm pretty sure I'd just be repeating myself.  The entire thing has already been chronicled online, what with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram leading the forefront of in-your-face and on-the-spot Calabrese action, so yeah.  I'll probably be posting a ton of all the greatest photos soon enough, though, to even out the ratio of Calabrese Stuff Online to Not Calabrese Stuff Online, so stay tuned for that.  I'm a firm proponent of Calabrese Stuff Online.  CSL for short.  Dig it.

Buuuuut I will post this:

Halloween is inching closer and closer, and my place is taking the proper steps in illuminating this fact.  Out come the paper skeleton cut outs, dusted off are the hanging spider lights and rubbery, severed hands AND HELLO THERE A HORRIFYING TWO-FOOT-TALL DOLL OF YOUNG MICHAEL MYERS.  In all Samhain celebrations, this is my pride and joy.  My go-to prop to set in the window to freak out anyone effected by clowns, short people or really short clown-people.

I picked this up at Texas Frightmare years ago, absolutely willing to dump seventy-bucks for a chance to keep this near me at all times.  It's almost become a security blanket with me.  It's just so unabashedly Halloween (I mean, yeah, it's a direct piece of merch from the "Halloween" films) but it's so much more.  It's a beacon of hope, a fog-shrouded lighthouse in the perfect storm of life.  Or it's just a really creepy doll and it's awesome.

So fucking awesome.


  1. Yeah...that IS awesome!

    Man, I was SO bummed my planned trip to San Antonio to catch y'all's gig didn't pan out. Damned brakes picked the wrong day to go out. At least they didn't decide to go out when I was on my way there...while riding behind an 18 wheeler, so at least there is that.

    Hope y'all tour again soon...will you be attending Texas Frightmare in 2014? Thinking of making the road trip for that event.

  2. That clown is so hideous...and I love it.

    Welcome back to the Blog world, Bobby. We missed ya. :D