Monday, May 14, 2012

"The Dead Don't Rise."

Well, yeah.

Part 1 of our "Preview the New Songs Before the Album is Out and Ultimately Uploaded to Pirate Bay," this is a song off of DAYGLO NECROS.  It's called, "The Dead Don't Rise."

We wrote it...hell, I'm not sure when we wrote it.  Or how we wrote it.  I vaguely remember coming up with the chorus riff while laying in bed, while using some of my favorite chords for the verses.  Why are those seemingly random and unremarkable guitar chords my favorite?  Have you listened to the song yet?  BECAUSE THAT'S WHY.

Stay tuned for next month -- we'll be posting another song to blow your mindballs!


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  2. that right there is pretty fucking awesome.

  3. ^ What she said! This song is all kinds of kick @$$! I've listened to it many, many times! LOVE the intro!!! I can't stop typing with excalmation points!!!!!!

  4. i'm in love with the new song!
    i can't wait for the cd!!

    you guys keep doing great work!!

  5. Thanks, guys! It means a lot. Stay tuned for some new jams coming soon!