Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Blood!

Oh, hello there, doghouse-sized box of mystery.

Our good friend, San VonZombie, reminded us of how much a good friend she is by sending us eight thousand pounds of Starbucks coffee.  We judge friendships on material goods and presents.  Is that so wrong?

Look at that haul.  Take it all in.  Out of a kindness only reserved for other caffeine junkies, she took the liberty of sending us an insane amount of coffee beans.  She works at Starbucks.  She's got the in, man.

Now, it's too far away from December 25th to be a Christmas present, and no one in their right mind exchanges gifts for Thanksgiving (the ultimate holiday to get drunk and not give a shit) so I can only assume it was meant for someone else.  Or these were all infested with worms and ticks down at the local Starbucks and were sent out to be disposed of.  I dunno, I'm fishin' here.  I think it's because she's just awesome.

Do you like Starbucks coffee?  I do.  Admittedly, I used to hate it, but it's kind of like when you first try coffee.  Pretty disgusting, right?  Then you eventually get used to it and start loving it.  THEN you try Starbucks brew, and...pretty disgusting, right?  It's a required taste after a required taste.  I think I've required this specific taste, and much prefer it over a lot of brands these days.  Go figure.

Along with a few pins, mug decals and a handful of coupons for a free cup o' Joe, we even got a real life, employee's apron, too!  Now we can frantically rush into a Starbucks, declare that we're "sorry for being late," then hop on to an espresso machine, ready for a solid day of hard work!

Dreams really do come true!

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  1. Im cracking up right now. You guys own my heart. <3
    Im glad you enjoyed it! Seriously, I can get you so much more coffee. Its a little ridiculous.