Saturday, March 2, 2013


Please, whatever you do, don't venture out into the desert by yourself. Without any food. Or water. Or a natural sense for direction and general survival. Because shit gets weird when the moon reveals itself.

Watch your back! Watch your front!

It's time to get wild with "Ghostwolves!"


  1. If anyone actually dislikes this video, I will personally set their hair on fire.

    12/5 stars. Totally. ^_^

  2. I said this on fb and YouTube, but it should be restated here: this video is freakin' great! It so perfectly captures the mood of those late night flicks I stayed up watching in my youth on USA Up All Night, Joe Bob Briggs and Elvira! Truly hilarious, and such a blast.

    BTW, it was great getting to hang out with y'all here in Houston! Hope you're able to return to our swampy city in the near-future!

  3. Totally, Gill-Man! It was great. Glad you dug the video, too!

    And Madam Cheezy, you're sick! You're a psychopath! I love it! Heheh.