Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sneak Peek at the Upcoming "Coffin of Ruins" Music Video!

So this is our script:

Over the weekend, we'll be filming a music video for "Coffin of Ruins" in a sweaty, stuffy warehouse building.  We have the song.  We have the ideas.  We have a lot of green makeup.

Now, to explain the above.

We figured actual story boarding and general direction was too much to handle, so instead, we're simply following a crudely drawn collage of everything and anything.  Ideas, characters, scenes and props, all mashed up into a singular mess of shit.  I figure we'll print a bunch of these up, paste them throughout the set and refer back to it when needed.  Kind of like a road map to our destined success.  It can even serve as a type of inspirational poster, if you so prefer that inspirational junk.

To figure out what goes first, who fights what and who dies where, we'll throw darts at the thing.  However it hits, however it shall be filmed.  There's a certain brilliance billowing here.  I know you can feel it.  You can feel it, right?

On Saturday (assuming we ain't too bombed) we'll keep you updated over Facebook, Twitter and tumblr with silly anecdotes and revealing photos, so be sure to follow along as we adventure forth to musical Mordor.  Imagine that eagle's eye view shot of the Hobbits walking along mountain terrain.  That'll be us.  Cue the soaring musical score.  Cut to tough grimaces.  Oh, yes.  This is gonna be good.

Can't wait!


  1. But...what if the dart hits the doughnut first?!

    Oh, the horrors!

  2. I can't wait to see what will come from that collage of awesome!