Monday, September 28, 2009

Kiss me, I'm shitfaced...Halloween style!

With pumpkin beer!

Pumpkin beer has always sounded pretty brutal. Two things that could equate to something delicious, but always sinister in theory. Just imagine eating a beer flavored pumpkin pie. Got it? Got it. Checkmate, bitch!

What we've got here is Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale, a solid helping hand in getting shitfaced for Samhain. I'm no expert on this particular brand, though, just that the hue of the beer is absolutely not orange. It really should be a bright, annoying orange, ya know? Besides that, I'm ready to taste my first ever pumpkin beer. Will I die? Will I fall in love?

Anyway, turns out to be a pretty a-okay. I'm not even gonna pretend to describe the taste, hops and other nutty, brewy boozey adjectives it holds, so let's just say it tastes like Halloween. Does that mean I'm saying it tastes like burning leaves and Kit Kats? Yeah, I am. You're damn right I am.


1 comment:

  1. Not familiar with this brand, but I love me some pumpkin ale! A must for Halloween night for me!