Monday, October 8, 2012


We're about to hit the road on Wednesday, and I'm excited.  Now, it's a good kind of excited, as well as a "bad" kind of excited.  Lemme explain:

We play all the time -- everywhere from comic book shops to mini-conventions to bar shows down the street to worlds away in upstate New York.  When we do the BIG BOY TOURS (a string of shows that lasts more than a week and a half) I get nervous.  Four or five days in a row is nice and dandy, and when it's on the west side of the US, we're more than willing.  I'm cool, I'm collected.  But when the schedule demands two weeks of driving and playing and stinking up the van all the way up the east coast, it can get kind of hectic.  Generally, it's no big whoop, but...

I had to buy underwear.  And new socks.  I have to make sure I have a book that I'll actually read.  Are my jeans all fucked up and warped?  Should I put more stuff on my iPod?  I wait until the last possible moment to worry about these kinds of things, which, hey, is right now!

Fortunately, we'll be doing this all over again in a few short months, so I guess I'm decently stocked up and ready to go for round two.  The silver lining strikes again.  Another fortunate event?  Along with my Hanes and Stephen King novel I'll never look at, "American Horror Story" on Blu-ray found it's way into my shopping spree, too.

I picked it up last night.  I've been wanting to see it forever.  Usually, I do zero research for any purchase.  I have no idea if this show sucks, if it's awesome, if it's whatever.  I saw the commercial, a few stills on the internet and I've become hooked.  It feels like it's so ME.  How can I deny thee?

Yay!  The Blu-ray was used, too.  Somehow, this finger stained, used version was cheaper than the DVD new, so the choice was obvious.  Since the first season just came out, I find it weird that someone already bought it and returned it in a few days.  I'm torn between the idea that the person who picked it up wanted to see it REALLY BAD, but didn't wanna blow their entire cash flow, or that they watched it and were so disgusted with what was happening on their television screen that they returned it immediately.  I'm hoping for the latter of the two, and after a few episodes in, it's quite possible.  Never have I seen such gratuitous amounts of masturbation in a cable TV show.  It's really quite splendid.

So now it's now my goal to finish it tonight and tomorrow.  The timer starts now.  Will I do it?  Of course I'll do it.  What else do I gots to do?  Oh, I know!  Rubber Man fan art!

Both "People Under the Stairs" and "Pulp Fiction" helped pave the way for gimp costumes, but "American Horror Story" supplied the flair, finesse and inarguable charm of skin-tight, rubber creepiness.  I haven't hit the mark of truly understanding who or what "Rubber Man" is, but I've become a fan.  There is nothing more unsettling than him/it/her strolling across a haunted house in the dark.

I think I just gave myself the chills.

See you on the road!

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