Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Here! It's Finally Here! Halloween!

This is my carved pumpkin:

I used one of those "cut-out kits" you get from the corner store to achieve what you see above.  It's supposed to be the side profile of a vampire, but I accidentally sawed off the part of his face that represented the mouth, had to delicately use toothpicks to hold it in place, made continual stink-face, yeah yeah yeah.  I did it as quickly as possible, if I'm being at all honest.  The idea of carving pumpkins is delightful, and always puts me in a Halloween mood, but as soon as my hands touch the shitty mess inside, it's game over.

Ultimately, my creation is not that good, and I'm fine with it.

These are infinitely better, anyhow:

Thanks for the great pumpkin-tributes to Calabrese, guys.  I feel so warm and spooky and filled with happiness inside just looking at 'em all.  I feel too much of those pretzel M&Ms inside, too.  I'm a beaten man.

Happy Halloween!

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