Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Calabrese Crypt with Bobby Calabrese.

Along with this current blog, I'm thinking of doing another "web blog," where I sit and talk into a camera until things get awkward and I stop talking into the camera.  Characters from the Calabrese past might show up, I'll occasionally be drunk and I'll finally be able to show off my collection of porcelain, Buddha statuettes in full, cinematic fashion.  Sounds thrilling, no?

We've done this kind of thing before, so there's no trouble figuring out how to go about doing it.  I have a backdrop (my apartment) and a main subject (me) but that's about the extent of it.

Problem is, I don't know what to do.  Like, what do I do?  What can I feature, mention or pay tribute to to make it worth watching?  I figure it'll literally just be me doing what I already do now, but in YouTube form.  I just don't want it to end up with me eating Mexican food on film for ten minutes.  Because that could very well happen.

Already have a few legitimate ideas, too, but I'm looking for some input.  A little guidance, if you will.  The entire internet is clogged with people who think they're more clever than other people, I understand, so that's why I want to make this good.  What do you wanna see?  What will get you to check back every week?

I'm willing to throw out all morals and self respect to accomplish success.

Know this.



  1. The only thing popping into my head is a video of you drunk, laying on the floor trying to eat a taco a la Hasslehoff and hamburger. I'd buy that for a dollar!

    I would bet most people reading your blog would tune in to watch you do pretty much anything.

  2. You mentioned doing a cooking show earlier, so why not do videos of yourself sharing recipes? That's my personal pick! You could also just do reviews of whatever comics you read that week. Constant flow of new source material as well as plenty of opportunities for nerdrage and/or fangasms.

    Or just wander around town in the GoatMan mask and record the uncomfortable reactions of those around you.

  3. How about trying things for the first time? First time knife juggling. First time eating live fish. First time reading a poem out loud. Whatever. Another suggestion would be to keep the vids at 3 minutes or less, unless there is no way possible. That way, you guarantee your audience will be able to tune in to each and every episode and not have to devote too much time to it, which might cause them to put off watching the video altogether.

  4. Coffee shop reviews. That is all.

  5. as you do on your FB, talk about the movies you are watching or wanting to watch,
    the events you're going to or want to go to,
    do coffee reviews from places in your area,
    your other talents besides the band..

  6. I like all those. I'm gonna play around with a few, and in a month or two, we'll be up and running. Or down and crawling. Should be fun!


  7. What jumps into my mind is you playing with your action figures or doing a sock puppet show! It's gotta be funny whatever you decide!