Friday, January 25, 2013

Wednesday 13, Calabrese and Cold Blue Rebels!

Well, this is it.

Next month, we tease you with a trailer for the new music video ("Ghostwolves" officially out March 1st!) and officially hit the road with Wednesday 13 and Cold Blue Rebels.  Where are we going?  All over da place.  When are we going?  Well, I'll be glad to tell ya:

Those are the dates.  I'm sure venues are subject to change, since they've been changing for the last month (whoops!) so the San Antonio show is now at the White Rabbit and the El Paso show is...somewhere in El Paso.  If anything, we will be in those cities on those nights, and we will be playing a show.  In an exciting twist of events, it's up to you to figure out where!  Kind of like those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, but with music and detective work. 

But definitely keep hitting up for updates and info on any last minute changes.  Don't worry, we got ya covered.

This tour comes at an exciting time, too.  Big stuff coming from the Calabrese Camp this year, which we're thrilled to fill you in when the times comes.  Besides this tour, working on another music video for "Coffin of Ruins," we'll be recording another full length for 2014 and we WILL be stopping by Atlanta, GA to say hello.  Yes, the rumors are true...Calabrese returns to DragonCon!  We say we like to play DragonCon because of the fun show and the great opportunity to meet new and old fans alike, but it's really because of all the cool toys and hot cosplay chicks. 

We'll be there!  So you should, too!

Over and out.


  1. The venue better not change for the Denver show cuz I already got my tickets and I am counting down the days!! I am so psyched!! Can't wait to finally see you guys! Yes!

  2. SOOOOOOO stoked to see you guys in Houston! On the bill with another fave of mine, Wednesday 13...yeah, this is gonna ROCK! I've heard good things about CBR, so it will be two of my favorite bands...and a possible new fave as well!