Thursday, October 8, 2009


One of my favorite bands around is Hour of the Wolf from Prescott, Arizona. Everything they've done has nearly melted the skin right off my face, a feat I want happened to me over and over again, non-stop without pause. Yeah, it's pretty intense. And kind of creepy how I just worded that. Yup.

Alright, so they've got a new 10" record coming out, and I highly suggest you check it out. If you do enough scrounging around, you'll find a downloadable compilation of music, with a new jam straight off of the album, titled "Faith in Fiction," making you sweat and making you wet.

I'm definitely gonna pre-order the new stuff, but I might hold out to pre-order it a bit later. For an extra fee, you'll not only grab yourself the new record, but a vinyl, toy mummy. Yeah, this band rules.



  1. Man, so many kick ass bands come from Arizona...I'm beginning to think there's some secret government breeding compound out there to create awesome horror themed rockers. Yeah, HotW is pretty freakin' great!

  2. No shit! I worked with a guy in San Francisco from Prescott, and I am pretty sure this is the band his friends are in. Great job getting the word out about these other bands, man, you are expanding my horizons further by the day. Killer.