Friday, October 2, 2009

The "Rad Halloween Gift Package Sent to Calabrese" Blog -- Or, More Appropriately, "Telepathic Satanism Really DOES Work!"

So we got an amazing package in the mail the other day, giving us one more reason why being in a band rules!

I didn't take a photo of the pile of candy and other fun stuff included, mostly because I forgot, but I really just wanna blame it on being wowed and enthralled with this:

The main centerpiece is of this cat. Candy comes and goes (literally) but there will always remain a black kitty covered in toilet paper.

You squeeze its paw and it dances and gets nutty to "Who Let the Dogs Out?" That, in itself, doesn't quite grab me. I honestly never need to hear that song again, especially when it's sung in a high-pitched, cat voice. I really dig it 'cause it reminds me of something I'd see out of an eisode of Pokemon, which is a major plus. Okay, fine, it looks exactly like something out of Pokemon 'cause it looks exactly like the cat from Pokemon.

His name is Meowth. Please don't judge me.

Anyway, the little guy's got very anime looking qualities, ones that do nothing in helping me pull back from my descent into all things Japanese. I love Japan. I love everything about it. Well, not everything everything. You see, I'm not big into anime. I'm more into the idea of it. Hell, I'll gladly watch giant space robots fuck eachother with other space robots, or demons from Hell eat submarine sandwiches on the second Tuesday of every month, because when the Master Demon bites into that sub, someone will die. C'mon, you know that shit's weird. But I'm a hard sell when it comes to busting out a wad of cash for 462 episodes of something. Maybe I'll sleep on it. I'll give myself time before I come around.

I think it's the idea that giant Robotechs walk the streets of Japan and schoolgirls have secret, cult-like super powers that keeps me intrigued, mystified and bubbling with joy. Obviously, this is untrue beyond belief, but I like to think that these scenarios are playing out every day, and I, unfortunately, am missing out on the action.

A few years back, I found a video online of a Japanese TV show, where they play pranks on unsuspecting victims. This particular episode had a couple, obviously and blatantly fucking on a train full of people. The prank? They were fucking on a train full of people. I LOVE JAPAN!

Thanks, Kristen!


  1. Great blog! I feel the same way about anime, it intrigues but mostly because you always gotta know what happens to the school girls vs the mechanical penis squid monsters.

  2. You know, after I bought that thing for myself...Chelsea and I both looked at each other and said we definitely need to get one of these for Bobby. We knew you would appreciate the fun...