Sunday, October 18, 2009

Teenage Bottlerocket...NEW RECORD!

I ended up going to the record shop the other day, with no real interest in records. It was more of an excuse to use their air conditioning, or to brag that "I went to the record shop." Naw, it's not that cool. I just really wanna blog about Teenage Bottlerocket!

Truth be told, I was really aiming for the coffee shop, but there was a weird looking couple blocking the entrance that really killed my buzz. So, the next best thing for a socially awkward coffee drinker? The record store!

Among a few other impulse buys (The Sonics! Magazine!) I found Teenage Bottlerocket's newest record, "The Came From the Shadows."

I can't say that I'm the biggest fan, but there's no way that I'm the worst, but I still managed to have no idea that their third album was made, existed for a period of time and slipped under my radar for a couple of few weeks. It's a bit of a bummer to know I'm no longer on the cutting edge of new, rock and roll releases, but on the other hand, it's a fantastic surprise, like finding an unexpected treasure in your cereal, or having your food arrive at a restaraunt while you were taking a dump. Assuming that the food wasn't ordered or expected on any level, ya know. Hey, I'm trying to keep my analogies straight here. Gahh!

Anyway, their new album is really cool. For a back story on the band and for some kick-ass, blog filling banter, TBR are a punk rock and roll band from Wyoming. They play fast, they play catchy and they play fun. This is their 3rd album, full of jams about girls, feeling shitty and feeling shitty about girls while they shit. Yes, I am a fan!

I really like this record, but not as much as their first, but upon further listen, I'm positive that it's a bit better than the second. I'm thinking this because I'm absolutely sick of the second record. Actually, this new album seems like I dig it more than the first, though, 'cause it's all I've been listening to lately, but then again, I'm sick of everything else, and this is a fresh slab of music for my ear-balls. Goddamn, reviewing shit is a tough business!

Also, I really like the cover. If you know anyhting about the band, you know they've been using the same exact album cover design, but with a different title and general color scheme. But damn, I love that new color they've got going! They had me at hello...and at pea-puke green.

Also, you may wanna check out the guitarist/singer's former band, The Lillingtons. Not saying I like it more, but the dude sings about Russian espionage, aliens and one-armed men.

Yeah, I like it more. Ha!

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  1. Awesome review Bobby, definitely a pleasure for the ear balls!