Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, 2011!

It's Halloween! It's here right now!

I didn't get to post everything I wanted to, but at this point...who cares? It's Halloween! Besides, my entire life is pretty much Halloween based, so I think I'll manage blogging about evil candy and bloody masks in late January. No worries.

Now, I've already eaten way too much junk food and drank way too much monster themed alcohol, so today I'm taking it easy. Both aren't inherently wrong activities, but mixed together over hours and hours of Halloween socializing, day in and day out, the gooey things inside my body have started to go a teense bit sour.

Because of it, I feel altogether very lazy and homely tonight, but it's not to the point where I can't get off the couch to answer the call of the trick or treater.

I'm not feeling guilty about it, though. I did my time, I put in my creepy hours. I've done way more than I initially thought I would, and it's been a blast. I wanna say that I'm sad that tomorrow is the end of the Samhain season, but eh. Halloween and I are kind of sick of each other.

We played a great show, I bought an insane Halloween mask that intimately disturbs anyone who comes in contact with it and I just quickly carved up a pumpkin tonight. Like, really quick.

So if I were to die tomorrow (which I won't, because I refuse to die) I will die a happy man.

Oh, yeah, that pumpkin? Check it out!:

This is the first time I ever used one of those "pumpkin carving kits," which uses a lot of tools that poke, prod and saw. Normally, I'd free hand my creation, but with a little patience and a flimsy, paper guide, simple pumpkin carving turns into serious art.

I chose the "floating ghosts" design, if only because it looked the simplest and quickest. I had to clean, cut and proudly show off my prized pig before Halloween was over. Which is, ya know, tomorrow.

Way spooky!

Kind of looks like Arizona cacti, or pickles. Not sure where I'm getting that, but yeah. Pickles.

Happy Halloween, guys!

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